Save the Bees 【日本製】 TAKUMIBA 洗える超伸縮4ガードフィットマスク (M) | |国産ハチミツ・自家採取・甘い・美味しい・長野


Save the Bees 【日本製】 TAKUMIBA 洗える超伸縮4ガードフィットマスク (M)

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Recently, honeybees have been disappearing from their hives all of a sudden all over the world. It is suspected to be related to pesticides, but the cause is unknown.
Therefore, we would like to apply part of the profits from this mask to the protection of honeybees. We would like to donate the proceeds to the beekeeping association or to the prefectural government to create a better environment for bees to live.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
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(About the product)
TioTio Premium Processing is a processing that uses a multifunctional catalyst created through a collaborative research agreement with the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University, and is attracting a great deal of attention as a new processing technology that meets the needs of people who want to live clean and healthy lives.
The "Washable Super Stretchy 4 Guard Fit Mask" is also made from fabric material that has undergone the TioTio premium treatment, and is "antibacterial," "antiviral," "stain-resistant," and "deodorant. It is a highly functional mask with antibacterial, antiviral, antifouling, and deodorizing effects.

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¥2,500 tax included